Thursday, March 10, 2016

Would a dog make a better president?

How many times have you thought to yourself, a dog would make a better presidential candidate.

    Dogs are loyal and obedient which means you would have a president that put the people first and listened to what the people had to say. They are caring and forgiving, which means you would probably have better healthcare and more forgiveness on your taxes. They are extremely loyal and protective, which means our government would be there to protect the people, not special interests. With all the science and technology that we have, wouldn't it be possible to genetically cross our next president with a dog? Or do we dare and simply genetically design our next president? And if that should work out as well as I think it should, why stop there when you have a whole Congress and Senate that doesn't seem to listen to the people anymore? I mean, wouldn't it at the very least be entertaining watching all of Congress sniff each other's butt?

Who else thinks that we should just simply design our leaders the way we want, so we can have the world we want?

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