Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Why would aliens come here to this planet?

Why would aliens come here to this planet?

Why would aliens come to a planet that is so full of violence, deception, corruption, and indifference? The outward appearance of this planet would appear to be an insane asylum where you could not trust anyone or anything. If you came here and contacted any government could you make any kind of an agreement that you could trust? Could you trust any government or people to keep their word about any agreement? Could you come to this planet and contact any government without being dissected and all your technology being stolen? Is it possible that the only reason that any alien civilization would come here, is to make sure that our insanity does not spread beyond our own planet? If an alien civilization came here to take over our planet, would it not be just a simple matter of introducing a virus that we could not fight? Can you trust what the media and the movies present aliens as being? If aliens were hostile and had the ability to travel light years to other planets in other solar systems, wouldn't they have similar technology with their weapons? The US possesses neutron bombs that are capable of eradicating all life without doing damage to structures or infrastructure. Do you think aliens wouldn't have this type of technology as well? And if you were going to spend the time and money to visit another planet why would you go there with the intent of destroying it before you had a chance to study it?

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