Saturday, March 12, 2016

Are weevils evil?

Are weevils evil or a gift from God?

    Before you run screaming for your mommy and before you throw out your food consider the following. The United States is one of the few countries that considers eating insects a bad thing. If you travel to most Third World countries they are not only considered a good thing, but you may find them a main course in the meal. Finding weevils in your food is an indicator that your food has not been treated with chemicals and that your food is not likely a GMO, but the FDA has determined that adding insects or exceeding their limits is illegal, why? The FDA has determined that adding parasitic insects to grain in order to get rid of the weevils is illegal, but it's okay to treat that same food with pesticides that are known carcinogens, why? Weevils are not toxic and are higher in protein and have no fat content, why is that a bad thing? As a kid growing up in the 60s it was common to find insects in our cereal and other green products, what has changed since then? If we found weevils in the rice we simply poured the rice into a bowl of water and floated the weevils off or simply just went ahead, cooked the rice and ignored them being in the rice. Have you ever heard of anyone dying from eating a weevil? Science has determined that the production of protein for food consumption is more cost-effective and healthier if the protein comes from an insect. Have you ever heard of an animal rights activist being upset about the death of a weevil or an earthworm? Here is a food source that is highly efficient, has no hormones or antibiotics added, but because it's an insect nobody wants anything to do with it, why? But give somebody a box of crackers that has chemicals you cannot pronounce and people will eat the left and right. Is it possible that it is simply a matter of marketing?

So the next time you see a weevil or insect in your oatmeal consider this. If the weevil died from eating the oatmeal, should you be worried?

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