Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ask the first question, before asking any others.

What are we?

Before you can ask what is your purpose, you must ask," what are we?"
Would you use a hammer to cut a loaf of bread?
Is that because you know that this is a hammer?
No one in all of human history has ever scientifically proven definitively what we are, much less whether we are real physical forms, or a holographic image inside a computer. We don't even know why we sleep much less what we are.
So how can anyone say that our purpose is to serve a God much less which one, or that we need to find ourselves or we need to be part of society, or we need to lose weight, or we need to be wealthy, or we need to be of service to society, or any of those other statements that we so often hear?

How can we answer any question about our purpose in life without answering the first question, 
"What are we?"

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Madman, armed v.s. unarmed ?

The great debate about gun control has raised an obvious question. Why do gunmen choose the locations they do? Is gun-control really the issue? Why are guns the weapon of choice? So I pose the following question to you and ask that you answer the question in the survey to the right.
 Note: I do not specify that the madman is using a gun nor do I specify that the people in room (A) may have a concealed gun. In fact it could be any weapon of choice.