Sunday, November 22, 2015

Are we being poisoned by our own government?


     Are we being poisoned by our own government? If jet fuel is so corrosive what is the difference between a normal vapor trail and chem-trail? Why do you not see chem-trail's at night? Are the long-term effects as bad as nuclear fallout? Why is Monsanto's developing plants that are resistant to soils that are contaminated with aluminum? If the government says they have never done such a thing, what about agent orange and other chemicals that were sprayed during the Vietnam War? Why does the government refused to talk about geo-engineering?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

chemical sprays, safe or not safe?

Why is it safe to spray chemicals on our food, in homes, and repellant on ourselves and our pets, but not safe to eat? If it kills the bugs what stops it from killing us in the same way? If you find bugs in your food does that mean your food is safe to eat or that the bugs are no_longer affected by the chemicals in your food?  

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Question the Question?

    If I am watching the news and they say that the economy took a dump, why would I need a news caster to explain to me what that meant ? And if it is a question, why would I need an explanation of the question? When the newscaster says "and this is what this means"why would I need an interpretation of what he just said? Do I need an interpretation of the interpretation and a definition of what is said? Why would the news make it so confusing that you need your psychologist to make an interpretation? Is it news if you cannot understand what is being said or is it something else?