Sunday, March 6, 2016

Donald Trump?

Caution: before you run off at the mouth about how bad Donald Trump is read the questions first.

Regardless of whether you are Republican, or Democrat, independent, or tea party, you have to admit there are a great many odd things happening in this election that don't quite add up.

Donald Trump appears to be two thirds ahead of all the other Republican candidates, which makes him the clear majority leader. So why would the Republican Party want to eliminate two thirds of their potential voters? The Republican Party over the last couple of decades has been moving toward the middle because it wasn't getting the votes. Claiming that it wanted to be more tolerant of gays, other religions, and more ethnically diverse. Along comes Donald Trump and all of a sudden the Republican Party is all about how Christian you are, why is that? The Pope comes out and says that he doesn't think Trump is a Christian , but the question everybody should be asking is when was the last time a pope spoke out about someone in an American election? One voter survey came out and said the majority of people were voting for Trump because he was not a career politician, and was promising change, not that he was a Christian, so why would you ignore a survey like that if you want more votes? A day before super Tuesday the KKK endorses Donald Trump and Whoopi Goldberg is all over that (and I don't blame her ) as if it were the end of the world because he did not strongly denounce the endorsement. Is it possible that Donald Trump did not want to give the KKK any free advertising ?  The KKK is a small group yet oddly their support came the day before super Tuesday, so the real question is who controls their leash? Is it possible that the people who hate Trump the most, are the people that are worried the most about their cushy overpaid corrupt jobs? As a businessman I would think he would be most focused on corruption and waste, so wouldn't those people responsible for that corruption and waste be the ones yelling the loudest that he shouldn't be president? Mitt Romney comes out against Trump yet when he was running for president he was trying to get Trump to support him, doesn't that sound a little odd?
     In the many years that I worked for I had several opportunities to talk with Jeff Bezos, and when I asked him about negative publicity he said " There is no such thing as negative publicity." I asked Mr.Bezos  about a negative news story about and why he didn't think that that was going to hurt the company. Mr. Bezos said" the negativity will be remembered for only a couple of weeks, but the name would be heard around the world and you can't buy advertising like that." So if the media really wanted Donald Trump to stop getting so much attention, shouldn't the networks stop giving it to him? Doesn't this all sounds a little bit like "Wag The Dog"?
    It was mentioned that both Ben Carson and Donald Trump do not have international experience, but if you're running a company and you don't know how to do something wouldn't you hire someone who did? When was the last time you heard of a corporate executive being required or able to do every job in his company? Is international experience a legitimate prereiquite of the job?
    Isn't it interesting that the most outstanding candidates seem to be the ones that are not career politicians?
    I have always believed that perfection is a human concept and I have yet to see a politician, or person for that matter, of any kind live up to to the standard of perfection. Wouldn't it be nice to have an election where there are no parties and no divisions were a person is elected to office not because of his party affiliation but because he's qualified for the job?

   And the ultimate question is; If you go for a job interview your employer does not have the right to ask you your political, religious, sexual orientation, or ethnic background why is it okay to ask a political candidate?

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