Friday, February 9, 2018

Is global warming real ?

last years snow run off (global warming or normal cycle)
Global warming seems to be on everybody’s mind. Every time I turn on the news there is a story about it, or something related to it. We are constantly told that sea levels are rising and that the ice caps are melting. That we need to stop polluting, reduce the CO2 levels in the atmosphere and somehow restore the ozone.
But what bugs me most is that no one is asking the right questions and no one is paying attention to what is going on around them. When I ask an environmentalist these questions, they become abusive,  threatening, or just don’t want to talk to me. I talk to other people, and they try to tell me there is no global warming and it’s just something made up.
            So here are a list of questions that nobody seems to have an answer for, but if any of you out there do have an answer, please feel free to comment.

  • ·         If CO2 causes global warming and trees soak up CO2, why isn’t anyone saying we should plant more trees to stop global warming?
  • ·         If the ice caps are melting on earth because of global warming and the ice caps on Mars are melting who’s causing global warming on Mars?
  • ·         Where is it written that God said he set the thermostat at the perfect temperature and it will never change?
  • ·         They say that global warming will cause all the low-lying cities to flood.  If that is the case why hasn’t the country Holland (which is below sea level) already flooded long ago?
  • ·         If you fill a glass full of ice and then add water, when the ice melts shouldn’t it cause the water overflow the glass?
  • ·         When you fill a glass with water and continue to fill the glass it will overflow, but when you add water to a spinning ball in space(such as Earth), where does the water gravitate to? Shouldn’t the centrifugal force of the ball force the water to accumulate around the equator? And if you add a large body of water to the equator of the earth what does that do to the rotation of the earth?
  • ·         Why do environmental scientists constantly tell us that the oceans will overflow like a bowl of water when the earth is shaped like a sphere?
  • ·         If CO2 is actually the problem? Wouldn’t it make sense to eliminate those things that are actually producing the CO2 and increase the number of things that consume and eliminate CO2 such as plants?
  • ·         If you can genetically design a plant to produce more of something, why can’t you design a plant or tree that consumes large quantities of CO2?
  • ·         CFCs are supposed to be responsible for the hole in the ozone, but there has been a ban on CFCs for many years. Shouldn’t that have had some effect over the years on the whole in the ozone and why is nobody talking about CFCs anymore if it is still a problem?
  •     If global warming is going to cause an ice age and the earth has gone through many ice ages, who caused all the other ice ages and who or what was polluting the earth back then?

There are a lot more questions I could ask, but my biggest question is why are you not asking more questions or did you forget all the basic science you learned in school?

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Tesla’s Roadster Launched Into Space

Heavy metal Corvette or Tesla roadster, which is more cool? 

    Heavy Metal the movie is about to become very popular after the recent successful launch of the falcon heavy rocket with a Tesla Roadster as a payload. The Tesla roadster in the top image almost does not look real. The bottom image is a Corvette in the animated movie Heavy Metal, which is an all time favorite of mine. I could not help but notice that both spacesuits look very similar, is this by accident ?    The Tesla roadster is on its way to Mars and will be in an elliptical orbit around the Sun and Mars for the next billion years, or so they hope. What a way to ensure immortality.     Alien races coming up on this will most undoubtedly be totally confused. Will they think we are just stupid or just trying to get rid of all the junk here on earth? Just in case it is found by aliens, a disc storing science fiction author Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy is also in the car. Not sure how that will explain the car, but you do have to admit that it is cool. Also on board is a small Hot Wheels replica glued to the dashboard. The question I have here is how much Mattel stock I should buy. At the very least I will be buying a Tesla roadster Hot Wheels replica car in the near future.      The real question that people should be asking is why all the negativity in the news media? Elon Musk has definitely upset the apple cart with the good old boys who build rockets for NASA, even the space shuttle was overpriced and over budget. It should also be noted that Elon Musk's rockets are under budget because his rockets are fixed contract with no over budget allowed. President Trump should also take note as he is always going on about overpriced aircraft, over budget contracts and over paid contractors, but why is the President all of a sudden silent? Why is the government and the national news media bad mouthing everything Elon does?

The question for today is;
Why are taxpayers still paying for overpriced, overpaid and over budget contractors that deliver inferior products?

Why are we not using fixed contracts on all government contracts and making companies compete in an open market?

Thursday, December 14, 2017

A question about medications that no one ever asked.


    99% of all people take medications without even questioning, what's in it, how does it work, or much less how does the medication know what part of the body to work on?
    But if you ask a mechanic if it is a good idea to add leak_stop to a radiator, the first thing the mechanic is going to ask you is how does it know which leak or which hole to plug? And if you've actually tried the products that say they will stop radiator leaks, you know that it doesn't work. That it generally plugs every hole in your radiator and your radiator no longer works at all.
    So why would you trust a doctor or pharmacist that says that this pill/medication that you're taking is only going to affect the part of the body that you're having a problem with? 
    Have you ever seen a medication commercial on TV that has not had a disclaimer or a list of side effects?
    And how many commercials have you seen followed by a commercial by a law firm that is filing a lawsuit against a medication that has caused injury or death?
    Have you ever really asked the doctor how a medication works? And did they give you an answer?
The next time your at a pharmacists ask them how does ibuprofen work? And how does it know to work only on my headache?

     The real question here is why are we always taking things on face value, and never asking enough realistic questions?

Blind trust should never be given simply because somebody has a degree or is a professional!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Caged or free range which is better?

 Caged or free range which is the safer food source? 

     Animal rights activists and the food industry, would have you believe that the free range animal is happier and therefore healthier, but is that true?

    Free range poultry feed on various vegetation and are extremely fond of insects and small rodents. Turkeys, in particular have no qualms about eating small mice and anything else that is crawling on the ground. 
    As a result like most livestock (this includes goats, sheep, cattle, etc.) that is free range, poultry is exposed to various parasites because they are feeding on things that are on the ground. Poultry can have many different parasites living within them including tapeworms, eye worms, roundworms, cecal worms ect. Fortunately for the poultry (chickens, etc.) for the most part do not have a problem with these parasites unless the parasite infestation becomes excessive, which is rare. 
    In addition range free animals are exposed to wild animals which can carry more than just parasites, but also various diseases. 
Grasshopper represents one of thousands of different poultry food sources.
    Caged or cage free poultry is raised within a confined environment where their food and living environment are kept as sterile and disease free as possible. Their food is controlled and measured and in some cases treated with antibiotics and steroids. These factory farms have a great deal invested in these animals and as a result go to great lengths to keep their livestock healthy. The idea that these large farms are not interested in healthy animals is ludicrous. Unhealthy animals do not produce and jeopardize the entire operation. 
   Now don't get me wrong, I'm all in favor of range free, grass fed animals. I do not believe people should be eating any animal that has been treated with steroids, antibiotics or God knows what. I believe that if an animal food product is handled and processed properly, using food safety standards, it can be just as safe if not safer than any other food product. 

    So we come to the question at hand, which is better caged or range free?

  1. Is range free just another marketing ploy to get you pay more for a product that is not any safer to consume than a caged animal?
  2. If you raise a chicken inside a sterile bubble and feed it only sterile food will it produce a safer food product or will it produce a meat product that is devoid of anything nutritional?
  3. If the label says range free, grass fed, non-GMO, etc. how do you know you're getting what you're paying for?
  4. A recent survey of fish markets found as much as 85% of all fish in your local market is mislabeled and not what it says it is. So how do you know you're getting ground turkey as opposed to ground chicken or is it a mix of something else?
  5. In the old days poultry producers were required to leave the head on any butchered animal. This was to prevent farmers from selling a duck as a chicken etc. It was also done so that you could tell how fresh the meat was. Do we need to return to such methods?

    And as always keep asking questions


Monday, November 21, 2016

Is the election over?

Is the election over? 

    I was so looking forward to the election being over but to my surprise when I turned on the television it seemed as if the election campaigns were still going on. In the past couple weeks, I could not help but notice that the media was still going on about how the Democrats lost and how terrible the new president and his administration was. Now not really being in favor of one or the other it seems to raise certain questions that did not make sense.
  • The news media is supposed to be impartial and unbiased but how can you be reporting the real news if you openly support or oppose a candidate?
  • Is not the news media supposed to inform the public factually about events that take place and report those events as truthfully as possible without bias?
  • Can a news media be trusted if it is being openly biased about one candidate or another and if they are bias about their politics what other topics are they being bias about? Can we trust what they have to say when it comes to health, global warming, local news, world news etc.?
  • Is Pres. elect Trump right when he says we should not trust the media? 
  • If there is division within the country is it because of the politics or is it because of the media?
  • Who has more pool with the people of America, the media or the politicians?
  • Is the slogan "drain the swamp" indicative of our times and the real under line problem with America and the world?

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Dolores Umbridge

Is it just me or is it there is more than just a similarity between these two?

Is the universe trying to tell us something?
Or is it they just simply dress, talk and act alike?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Two Fallon, Nevada McDonald's were nearly forced to shut down after a new owner had to terminate 15 to 20 employees.

Why is citizenship so important?

    Recently I was made aware that two local McDonald's were sold and purchased by a gentlemen out of Reno Nevada who already owned several McDonald's. Upon completion of the transaction the two McDonald's located in Fallon Nevada were nearly shut down when the new owner was forced to immediately let go 15 to 20 employees. The reason for the terminations was quite simple, they could not provide proof of citizenship or a green card.

    So the questions are as as follows.

  1. Why hasn't anything been in the local news? Did I just simply miss it or was it hidden someplace in the back page?
  2. How could two McDonald's employ that many illegals without anyone finding out?
  3. What country these people were from does not matter and for all I know they came from Canada, but how much of an impact would that many employees have on our small local economy and is this the only business getting away with such practices?
  4. If they provided Social Security numbers to the previous owner, how many legal citizens got dinged on their tax return because of these illegals?
  5. These 15 to 20 people that are illegally in the country what happens to them? Did they get arrested or deported or did they just simply go find a new job?
  6. How many of them went on to collect unemployment or other social services or is that even possible?
  7. What was the incentive to the previous owner to hire that many illegals? Did he pay them less or did he simply turn a blind eye knowing that these employees would be less likely to file any kind of complaints against him for any employment violation?
  8. How can a law enforcement officer, enforce the law if he is forbidden to ask for proof of citizenship?
  9. What is the point in having a law if it is not going to be enforced?
  10. If the government is refusing to enforce a law, what is the benefit to the government?
    You really can't point fingers at the illegals without pointing another finger at the employer. There has to be an incentive to both parties. 
    In interviewing several people I was told there would be little to no consequence. The employer would deny having known that his employees were illegally in the country and the illegals will simply disappear once again into the background of our society. With no penalties being enforced there was nothing to discourage either party from breaking the law.

    It should be noted that in reporting this story, I was not looking for facts or details. This is not the first time such things have occurred in this country.The purpose of reporting the story was to simply raise questions that our society seems to be avoiding or complacent about. In order for a society to function properly there has to be law and order. Any law that is not enforced calls into question all the laws. After all the foundation of any good society is it's laws and justice system, without it we have nothing but chaos and some people thinking they are the exception to the law. And if one law is not enforced, how do you or I know any other law will be enforced equally and without prejudice?