Friday, March 11, 2016

Poo? What Poo?

Yes it's poo, but before you run and hide read the question.

If your pee is a dark yellow. then you're not drinking enough water.
If your pee has a strong odor to it you may be dealing with an infection.
If you're poo floats your diet has too much fat content or that you have a high cholesterol diet.
But if you photograph or talk about your feces it is considered to be almost a sin or that you are a nut case, why? Farmers inspect and test animal feces on a regular basis to determine how healthy their farm animals are and whether they need to change their diet. Yet, it's difficult to get a human to have their urine or their fecal matter tested more than once a year, why? If you tell your wife to come look at your poo, the first thing you will hear is "Why do I want to look at your poo, it stinks?" Why should our pets and livestock be healthier, than we are? If your food is not digesting properly this can lead to health issues, but if you never look at what is coming out the other end of you, how will you ever know? If you see parasites in your dogs poo, you know your dog needs to be dewormed, but if you never look at yours how would you know if you had parasites?

Not too long ago, Japan came out with a toilet that is capable of not only washing, and cleaning you without the use of toilet paper, but is also capable of running medical tests on human urine, and excrement, and sending those test results to your doctor on a daily basis. Wouldn't this be a good idea or is it just TMI?

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