Monday, July 18, 2016

What is the one thing that would end war, crime, injustice and more, but little or no research is being done?


    What is the one thing that is responsible for every war, for every wrongful death or injury, for every racist remark, and the suffering of all humanity, for all of history
What negative emotion do we not only find in humans, but also primitive remanence of in animal's?
Our latest revelations of ego in humans is only the tip of the iceberg. My own personal research shows that the EGO's also exist in animals and animal social networks. It is a remnant of a primitive survival program in which humans have the mental capacity to overcome, either through meditation or just plain self-discipline.
    When people talk about The Shift, they are not necessarily talking about a physical event but rather an awakening to a realization that our entire history of suffering is the result of EGO. I'm not talking about living like Spock from Vulcan, but rather awakening enough to control or subdue the EGO. 
     It puzzles me that we would spend millions of dollars in research to stop addictions, and racism, or reduce crime rates but do no research into the root cause that affects everyone on the planet. And it frustrates me to no end to realize that our planet's very survival depends on us finding a way to overcome this ancient adversary. We are on the brink of live or die only because our collective ego has convinced us that weapons of mass destruction are necessary for our survival. Even that very statement is an oxymoron, but our ego manges to blind us to the real reality of what really is reality.
    I was once asked "if I had one wish what would it be for?" "My answer of course was world peace." I have never heard anyone answer that question and in the same breath give a solution, so I will be the first.


If you could end suffering for everyone on the planet for all time, what would it be worth?

How many things do you think could be ended or eliminated by controlling or eliminating the ego?

  • Lawyers
  • militaries
  • law enforcement
  • governments
  • government agencies
  • racism
  • violence
  • addictions [i.e. alcoholism, drug addiction, ect]
  • discrimination
  • ?

Friday, July 8, 2016

AR silver hammer band, Maxwell set free, all charges dropped.

Acme silver hammer company charged with murder.

    In headline news today Acme silver hammer company was brought up on charges of mass murder. There new line
of AR silver hammers has been banned and found to be the cause of all murders. Proponents of the new ban on hammers argued that there was no legitimate use for the AR silver hammers other than killing people. People do not need these kinds of hammers. 
    In related news a man by the name of Maxwell was released from prison today and all murder charges dropped after it was decided that the AR silver hammer was responsible for the murders and not Maxwell. Strangely enough hours after being released, Maxwell continued his murder spree with a large knife. Witnesses said, "The knife seemed to be wielding it self." Congress is now being pressured to considering banning knives in addition to hammers. A spokesperson for the group pushing for the band on knives was heard to say,  " Maxwell is not the problem, knives are!"

    The question should be obvious, but for those of you who are still blind to wag the dog.

If a person shoots and kills another person, what is responsible for the other person's death. The person who pulled the trigger or the weapon used?   If guns are banned, do these bad people simply disappear?   If bad people who are intent on harming others do not have access to guns does that mean they won't commit the crime or does it mean they will find another method? 

    In other countries where guns are banned does murder or mass shootings never occur? 

Places that practice meditation and other spiritual practices have crime rates far below normal. Not only for those who are practicing the meditation but also for the community. In addition those communities that practice a spiritual belief that does not promote violence as a solution to problems are rated the lowest in violent crimes. Is it possible that by treating the real problem (people) a solution that is agreeable to all is possible? Is it possible that treating mental health issues would result in fewer violent crimes rather than banning guns?

Is it possible that the real problem is EGO? Every single wrongful act, every war, every genocide, every murder, that has been carried out by another person or persons in all of history is the result of EGO?

What do you think should be the focus of our efforts to end violence in the world?

Awaken world, the shift is here, open your minds.