Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Chicken bones should never be fed the dogs, why?

Why are chicken bones unsafe for animals?
(Disclaimer; this is not a recommendation that you feed chicken bones to your pet. It is simply a question that you must answer for yourself!)
 Wild dogs, coyotes and other predators eat chickens and other birds on a regular basis, but we've been told that if you feed chicken bones to your dog they can choke to death on the bones. If this is the case, then how come we do not see the dead bodies of dogs coyotes and other predators strewn across the land from having eaten chicken bones or bird bones? Is it because cooked bones are brittle and raw bones are soft and flexible? What about the fact that raw meat can be dangerous to eat because of things like salmonella and other possible food poisoning. Coyotes and other wild dogs eat dead carcasses on a regular basis, why don't we see dead bodies everywhere? Is it possible that the perception of our world is not what we think it is?

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