Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Why isn't the world you see, real?

What you see is an allusion?

    First let me explain that your eyes are like the lens of a camera. They simply filter and focus like the f-stop and other settings of the camera. Your brain takes what is received through the lens of the eyes and makes an interpretation of what it thinks the eyes are looking at. On top of that color is the biggest illusion of all. The white light that surrounds us is composed of all the colors we can imagine, each color resonating at its own wavelength. The white light strikes the Apple, but only the color of the Apple gets reflected back to the eyes. All the other colors are absorbed by the Apple.

So here's the question, if the Apple is nothing more than a reflective surface, what is the actual color?

If the color of the Apple was of a frequency beyond our perception, would the Apple be invisible?

Monday, March 21, 2016

What are the safest products on the market today?

So think about it.
Who gets to use the safest products on the market?

What products go through the most testing?

If we are so worried about unsafe consumer products, then why are we not buying more baby products? No dies, no perfumes, and nothing that would be harmful to a sensitive infant. Why aren't all products made with the same safety restrictions?

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Are weevils evil?

Are weevils evil or a gift from God?

    Before you run screaming for your mommy and before you throw out your food consider the following. The United States is one of the few countries that considers eating insects a bad thing. If you travel to most Third World countries they are not only considered a good thing, but you may find them a main course in the meal. Finding weevils in your food is an indicator that your food has not been treated with chemicals and that your food is not likely a GMO, but the FDA has determined that adding insects or exceeding their limits is illegal, why? The FDA has determined that adding parasitic insects to grain in order to get rid of the weevils is illegal, but it's okay to treat that same food with pesticides that are known carcinogens, why? Weevils are not toxic and are higher in protein and have no fat content, why is that a bad thing? As a kid growing up in the 60s it was common to find insects in our cereal and other green products, what has changed since then? If we found weevils in the rice we simply poured the rice into a bowl of water and floated the weevils off or simply just went ahead, cooked the rice and ignored them being in the rice. Have you ever heard of anyone dying from eating a weevil? Science has determined that the production of protein for food consumption is more cost-effective and healthier if the protein comes from an insect. Have you ever heard of an animal rights activist being upset about the death of a weevil or an earthworm? Here is a food source that is highly efficient, has no hormones or antibiotics added, but because it's an insect nobody wants anything to do with it, why? But give somebody a box of crackers that has chemicals you cannot pronounce and people will eat the left and right. Is it possible that it is simply a matter of marketing?

So the next time you see a weevil or insect in your oatmeal consider this. If the weevil died from eating the oatmeal, should you be worried?

Friday, March 11, 2016

Poo? What Poo?

Yes it's poo, but before you run and hide read the question.

If your pee is a dark yellow. then you're not drinking enough water.
If your pee has a strong odor to it you may be dealing with an infection.
If you're poo floats your diet has too much fat content or that you have a high cholesterol diet.
But if you photograph or talk about your feces it is considered to be almost a sin or that you are a nut case, why? Farmers inspect and test animal feces on a regular basis to determine how healthy their farm animals are and whether they need to change their diet. Yet, it's difficult to get a human to have their urine or their fecal matter tested more than once a year, why? If you tell your wife to come look at your poo, the first thing you will hear is "Why do I want to look at your poo, it stinks?" Why should our pets and livestock be healthier, than we are? If your food is not digesting properly this can lead to health issues, but if you never look at what is coming out the other end of you, how will you ever know? If you see parasites in your dogs poo, you know your dog needs to be dewormed, but if you never look at yours how would you know if you had parasites?

Not too long ago, Japan came out with a toilet that is capable of not only washing, and cleaning you without the use of toilet paper, but is also capable of running medical tests on human urine, and excrement, and sending those test results to your doctor on a daily basis. Wouldn't this be a good idea or is it just TMI?

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Would a dog make a better president?

How many times have you thought to yourself, a dog would make a better presidential candidate.

    Dogs are loyal and obedient which means you would have a president that put the people first and listened to what the people had to say. They are caring and forgiving, which means you would probably have better healthcare and more forgiveness on your taxes. They are extremely loyal and protective, which means our government would be there to protect the people, not special interests. With all the science and technology that we have, wouldn't it be possible to genetically cross our next president with a dog? Or do we dare and simply genetically design our next president? And if that should work out as well as I think it should, why stop there when you have a whole Congress and Senate that doesn't seem to listen to the people anymore? I mean, wouldn't it at the very least be entertaining watching all of Congress sniff each other's butt?

Who else thinks that we should just simply design our leaders the way we want, so we can have the world we want?

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

If the United States exports dropped 25%, would you say we were in trouble?

Today China reported that their exports dropped 25%.

If any country's exports dropped 25% wouldn't you say that they were in serious trouble? News networks are trying to tell us this is no big deal, why? The news media is trying to put various spins on this news to make it look as if the reason for the drop is because China is moving to a service-oriented economy.But their imports dropped as well and although it was not as significant it was an additional indicator that China isn't doing as well as everybody thinks. China sells to the world, so wouldn't this be an indicator that the world economy is in trouble, serious trouble? Doesn't it seem strange that the stock markets are not taking it as serious news? How much of a train wreck do you have to have before the world markets react? Or should we trust the news media and the governments when they say it's no big deal? Or maybe we should take the color red in the Chinese flag to be an ominous warning of what is to come?

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Why would aliens come here to this planet?

Why would aliens come here to this planet?

Why would aliens come to a planet that is so full of violence, deception, corruption, and indifference? The outward appearance of this planet would appear to be an insane asylum where you could not trust anyone or anything. If you came here and contacted any government could you make any kind of an agreement that you could trust? Could you trust any government or people to keep their word about any agreement? Could you come to this planet and contact any government without being dissected and all your technology being stolen? Is it possible that the only reason that any alien civilization would come here, is to make sure that our insanity does not spread beyond our own planet? If an alien civilization came here to take over our planet, would it not be just a simple matter of introducing a virus that we could not fight? Can you trust what the media and the movies present aliens as being? If aliens were hostile and had the ability to travel light years to other planets in other solar systems, wouldn't they have similar technology with their weapons? The US possesses neutron bombs that are capable of eradicating all life without doing damage to structures or infrastructure. Do you think aliens wouldn't have this type of technology as well? And if you were going to spend the time and money to visit another planet why would you go there with the intent of destroying it before you had a chance to study it?

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Donald Trump?

Caution: before you run off at the mouth about how bad Donald Trump is read the questions first.

Regardless of whether you are Republican, or Democrat, independent, or tea party, you have to admit there are a great many odd things happening in this election that don't quite add up.

Donald Trump appears to be two thirds ahead of all the other Republican candidates, which makes him the clear majority leader. So why would the Republican Party want to eliminate two thirds of their potential voters? The Republican Party over the last couple of decades has been moving toward the middle because it wasn't getting the votes. Claiming that it wanted to be more tolerant of gays, other religions, and more ethnically diverse. Along comes Donald Trump and all of a sudden the Republican Party is all about how Christian you are, why is that? The Pope comes out and says that he doesn't think Trump is a Christian , but the question everybody should be asking is when was the last time a pope spoke out about someone in an American election? One voter survey came out and said the majority of people were voting for Trump because he was not a career politician, and was promising change, not that he was a Christian, so why would you ignore a survey like that if you want more votes? A day before super Tuesday the KKK endorses Donald Trump and Whoopi Goldberg is all over that (and I don't blame her ) as if it were the end of the world because he did not strongly denounce the endorsement. Is it possible that Donald Trump did not want to give the KKK any free advertising ?  The KKK is a small group yet oddly their support came the day before super Tuesday, so the real question is who controls their leash? Is it possible that the people who hate Trump the most, are the people that are worried the most about their cushy overpaid corrupt jobs? As a businessman I would think he would be most focused on corruption and waste, so wouldn't those people responsible for that corruption and waste be the ones yelling the loudest that he shouldn't be president? Mitt Romney comes out against Trump yet when he was running for president he was trying to get Trump to support him, doesn't that sound a little odd?
     In the many years that I worked for I had several opportunities to talk with Jeff Bezos, and when I asked him about negative publicity he said " There is no such thing as negative publicity." I asked Mr.Bezos  about a negative news story about and why he didn't think that that was going to hurt the company. Mr. Bezos said" the negativity will be remembered for only a couple of weeks, but the name would be heard around the world and you can't buy advertising like that." So if the media really wanted Donald Trump to stop getting so much attention, shouldn't the networks stop giving it to him? Doesn't this all sounds a little bit like "Wag The Dog"?
    It was mentioned that both Ben Carson and Donald Trump do not have international experience, but if you're running a company and you don't know how to do something wouldn't you hire someone who did? When was the last time you heard of a corporate executive being required or able to do every job in his company? Is international experience a legitimate prereiquite of the job?
    Isn't it interesting that the most outstanding candidates seem to be the ones that are not career politicians?
    I have always believed that perfection is a human concept and I have yet to see a politician, or person for that matter, of any kind live up to to the standard of perfection. Wouldn't it be nice to have an election where there are no parties and no divisions were a person is elected to office not because of his party affiliation but because he's qualified for the job?

   And the ultimate question is; If you go for a job interview your employer does not have the right to ask you your political, religious, sexual orientation, or ethnic background why is it okay to ask a political candidate?

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Why does it take a degree to be recognized as knowing something?

Is a degree really needed?

Throughout history we have seen many examples of successful people and famous people that didn't have a degree, diploma or conventional education. People like Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and so on made some of the most important contributions to science and tech. But if you put on a job application that you didn't complete college or that you were homeschooled you immediately become suspect. Currently college education has become so cost prohibitive that you may never recoup the expense even if you do find a job for which you were trained. In times past an apprenticeship was considered to be far more valuable and more beneficial. Even in my time trade schools were a cost-effective alternative to college. But what it really comes down to is a question that I have asked many times. When a Engineer posts a degree on the wall it does not say that he was a C student, or B student, or A student it simply says that he has a degree, why is that? If I go to a community college instead of a prestigious college like Stanford college, why is what I learned less than if I had gone to Stanford College if they taught the same thing? Why is it if I study books in a library on computer programming it doesn't mean anything, but if I go to a college and pay thousands of dollars to learn from the same books that were in the library, then I know something? In addition if I have the diploma I am supposed to get greater pay for what I learned, but the company I start with will still put me in an entry-level job position, what was the point in going to school in the first place?

Why are we still using a redundant, outdated, Neanderthal educational system that is overpriced, and can't keep up with the advancement of technology?

If we can land a man on the moon using slide rules don't you think we could at least come up with an educational system that is affordable to all and takes into account what you already know or learned on your own and is equally accredited with any other college?

Thursday, March 3, 2016

What is death?

Why do we fear death when we don't even know what it is?
Typically death is when a living organism is no longer functioning, decays and is recycled back into his basic components. Yet we still hear stories of people coming back from the dead and describing places and things that they should not be able to. We also hear people recount past lives and yet we still insist on allowing religious and scientific dogma to get away with not really answering the question. Is death the end, and if so how is anyone able to come back and describe places they've never been, people they've never met, and conversations that they should not have been able to hear? Science conveniently explains it away as latent electrical activity or just reflexes and religion refuses to even take up the question, yet Christ supposedly rose from the dead. Is it possible that were all just holograms in a computer simulation? A computer program explain a great deal of what is experienced in death? Rising from the dead would be simply resurrecting a character like in a videogame. Wouldn't it be nice to know that nobody ever really dies, but instead is saved into memory for another game in another world? Is it possible that science doesn't spend a great deal of time on the subject because it has no way of reaching an ethereal reality composed of computer programs or do they simply fear ridicule from religion for once again playing God? Maybe it is not a matter of playing God, but simply figuring out how to place a phone call to the creator of the game? 

"Could you please return my friends and family to the game, so we can continue to play the game?" "I miss them dearly."

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Does evolution come from staying the same?

If life does not evolve, how would life improve? If dogs, cats, cows, horses and other animals did not evolve, how is there more than one breed? If life does not evolve and adapt does that not mean there is a set number of species and once those species become extinct there will never be anything to replace the species that become extinct and therefore would we not sooner or later run out of animals and plants? If you're an omnipotent being (God) creating worlds, wouldn't you want them to be self-sustaining so you didn't have to constantly re-create life? If new life were to stop being created, wouldn't you think there was something wrong with the creator? If evolution was not taking place and every creature were the result of surviving the great flood on an arc, and there are billions of different animals and lifeforms, how big would the ark have to have been?

If the creator does not believe in evolution, what does he have against it, or if the creator created evolution what do humans have against evolution? 

If we are to survive it will not be because we continue to do the same things we have always done, but because we broke the rules and at the very least evolved our thinking. P.S. evolution does not disprove God, it reaffirms the creator.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Chicken bones should never be fed the dogs, why?

Why are chicken bones unsafe for animals?
(Disclaimer; this is not a recommendation that you feed chicken bones to your pet. It is simply a question that you must answer for yourself!)
 Wild dogs, coyotes and other predators eat chickens and other birds on a regular basis, but we've been told that if you feed chicken bones to your dog they can choke to death on the bones. If this is the case, then how come we do not see the dead bodies of dogs coyotes and other predators strewn across the land from having eaten chicken bones or bird bones? Is it because cooked bones are brittle and raw bones are soft and flexible? What about the fact that raw meat can be dangerous to eat because of things like salmonella and other possible food poisoning. Coyotes and other wild dogs eat dead carcasses on a regular basis, why don't we see dead bodies everywhere? Is it possible that the perception of our world is not what we think it is?