Friday, August 26, 2016

Did the government get rid of death panels or did they simply replace them with high drug prices?

Life or Death, you choose 

    So the news media is reporting the recent 400% price increase for EpiPen's and implying that only greed is behind it. Congress is investigating it but God only knows how long that will take or if any action will ever be taken. But what I find most interesting of all is the fact that the news media are not asking the right questions once again.
    When Obama care was first being discussed one of the major tripping blocks that came up was the death panels. Doctors deciding whether or not you get medical treatment based on the quality of life. The debate about these death panels did not last very long and supposedly one of the things that was removed from Obama care.

    So here are the questions that I don't think are being asked:

  • Did the death panels get simply replaced by the pharmaceuticals?
  • Are the poor and lower-class citizens being singled out for extermination?
  • If you had to choose between food and an EpiPen and you were seriously allergic to certain foods which would you choose if you could only afford one or the other?
  • How many other drugs on the market have been raised as much as 1000% in the last eight years of Obama care?
  • How can you call Obama care affordable if you cannot afford to use it?
  • Are over-the-counter drugs such as Benadryl next in line for price hikes?
  • Is raising the price of a drug that your life depends on, tantamount to blackmail?
  • Wouldn't you think the insurance companies would be the first to scream about the high prices of drugs and why aren't they?
  • During the Holocaust the Germans stripped Jews and others of everything they owned including their clothing and then killed them. What is the difference between that and what our government is doing now?

    Wake up America, if you don't start thinking for yourselves, your libel to have someone in the government decide not only how you live, but whether you live at all.

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