Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What happen to the chemtrail's?

What happen to the chemtrail's?

So if your like me you pay attention to everything that goes on around you. And sometimes it's not what you see that is important but what you don't see. Over the past month or two if you have looked up into the skies you will notice that there have not been any chemtrail's. That's right the very thing that people say every aircraft at high altitude produces? I have had people tell me that seeing chemtrail's is normal, that they are just vapor trails . If that is the case where are they? If they were not spraying chemicals on us then we should still see these so-called vapor trails wouldn't you think? Should we be more worried that they stopped or that we no longer see these chemtrail's? Did they get tired of the media hype and switch to something else we can't see? Or are they getting ready to do something far more sinister than they were doing? If chemtrail's did not exist, if we were just seeing things, wouldn't we continue to be just seeing things?
And just because they have stopped, does that mean there is no evidence of their crime? Has anyone else noticed that your garden doesn't grow like it used to?
    These are all good questions but people should take notice of the things that they don't see just as much as they take notice of the things they do see, don't you think? 

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