Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Two Fallon, Nevada McDonald's were nearly forced to shut down after a new owner had to terminate 15 to 20 employees.

Why is citizenship so important?

    Recently I was made aware that two local McDonald's were sold and purchased by a gentlemen out of Reno Nevada who already owned several McDonald's. Upon completion of the transaction the two McDonald's located in Fallon Nevada were nearly shut down when the new owner was forced to immediately let go 15 to 20 employees. The reason for the terminations was quite simple, they could not provide proof of citizenship or a green card.

    So the questions are as as follows.

  1. Why hasn't anything been in the local news? Did I just simply miss it or was it hidden someplace in the back page?
  2. How could two McDonald's employ that many illegals without anyone finding out?
  3. What country these people were from does not matter and for all I know they came from Canada, but how much of an impact would that many employees have on our small local economy and is this the only business getting away with such practices?
  4. If they provided Social Security numbers to the previous owner, how many legal citizens got dinged on their tax return because of these illegals?
  5. These 15 to 20 people that are illegally in the country what happens to them? Did they get arrested or deported or did they just simply go find a new job?
  6. How many of them went on to collect unemployment or other social services or is that even possible?
  7. What was the incentive to the previous owner to hire that many illegals? Did he pay them less or did he simply turn a blind eye knowing that these employees would be less likely to file any kind of complaints against him for any employment violation?
  8. How can a law enforcement officer, enforce the law if he is forbidden to ask for proof of citizenship?
  9. What is the point in having a law if it is not going to be enforced?
  10. If the government is refusing to enforce a law, what is the benefit to the government?
    You really can't point fingers at the illegals without pointing another finger at the employer. There has to be an incentive to both parties. 
    In interviewing several people I was told there would be little to no consequence. The employer would deny having known that his employees were illegally in the country and the illegals will simply disappear once again into the background of our society. With no penalties being enforced there was nothing to discourage either party from breaking the law.

    It should be noted that in reporting this story, I was not looking for facts or details. This is not the first time such things have occurred in this country.The purpose of reporting the story was to simply raise questions that our society seems to be avoiding or complacent about. In order for a society to function properly there has to be law and order. Any law that is not enforced calls into question all the laws. After all the foundation of any good society is it's laws and justice system, without it we have nothing but chaos and some people thinking they are the exception to the law. And if one law is not enforced, how do you or I know any other law will be enforced equally and without prejudice? 

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