Saturday, May 28, 2016

Why are casino workers finger printed and bank workers not?

     If you want to work in a casino you have to have what is called a gaming card. You go to the local police station buy the card and get finger printed. But if you work in a bank there is no such thing, why? How would finger prints help catch a casino worker that is stealing? Casinos have 3 times the cameras that a bank has, and few casinos use finger prints as part of their security. I have been told that part of it is to identify possible organized crime and keep them out of casinos.If that is the case shouldn't we worry about banks too or are they already full of crooks and there is no point look for them in bank? Is there a hidden agenda behind singling out only part of the work force. Does the government think that only criminals work for casinos because they are low paying, non-skilled jobs? Isn't that profiling ?

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