Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Apple software not safe to use in nuclear power plants, life-support systems, and air traffic control

Apple license agreement, disclaimer.

So when was the last time that you took the time to read the license agreements posted by Apple software update. It just so happens I recently took the time to read the latest disclaimer and what I found within the disclaimer was actually in some ways frightening. Usually when a company makes a disclaimer they do so because they've had problems with people misusing their product in such a fashion. Things like, remove child from baby carriage before folding, soap capsules should not be taken internally and other things that most people would not need if they had common sense.
    And so when I began reading the disclaimer, I was amazed to find in the capitalized section a somewhat alarming disclaimer. Now after reading this, one has to ask several questions. Why did they feel the need to put everything in capitalized letters? Are they yelling or just trying to highlight something they thought was extremely important? How many nuclear power plants in the world are being operated with Apple software? Did a doctor decide to use an Apple iPod to resuscitate a patient? Did an air-traffic controller accidentally plug his iPod into the air traffic control system? And how often does the failure of Apple software lead to death, injury, severe physical damage, or environmental damage? And in what environment would you use Apple software that could result in environmental damage? When the lawyers wrote this document, were they standing too close to a nuclear reactor? 

So the next time you get an Apple software update, you might want to read the fine print or in this case capitalized sections of the license agreement.

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