Monday, June 20, 2016

What is the one thing that could reverse Global warming?

   What is the permanent solution to global warming?

    Boys and girls, let's take a little refresher course from grade school. What do plants breathe in and what do plants exhale? That's right plants breathe in CO2, which is causing global warming and they exhale or produce oxygen. So why hasn't the government or for that matter any government begun a program to re-forest the planet? A grove of bamboo or hemp can clean more CO2 out of the air, more efficiently than any man-made machine, and I am sure that with a little bit of research we could find other plants that do as much or more. A houseplant referred to as the spider plant, reportedly even has the ability to clean toxins out of the air. Many water plants grow even faster, yet mysteriously our government and our scientists are ignoring the one thing that has potential to solve our problem permanently, why? If our situation is as dire as they would have us believe then I would think they would be trying anything and everything that would be logically feasible,correct? Or is this another wag the dog and our government leaders have a whole different game plan in mind but were not included?

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